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Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 4v4 - Boys & Girls 6/3/18
June 3, 2018
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Sonoma Soccer
Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 4v4 Jamboree 2018

Register for the age division that you will compete in this Fall 2018

Our goal is that the 4v4 jamboree will provide an environment for kids to play multiple games in a fun and engaging atmosphere. The jamboree provides the necessary conditions to grow as an individual player and to develop small group partnerships in a team. We hope coaches emphasize fun, skill development, confidence, creativity, comfort on the ball, and initiative.

Please ask your players and parents to display the level of sportsmanship that all competitors deserve. This event is meant to be a fun introduction to organized soccer. We are using our SSU Men’s and Women’s players as game facilitators, they are only referees in that they are trying to keep the game moving and organized. Any foul or infraction they call is not meant to be right or wrong. It is what they perceive and not to be commented on or contested by coaches or parents. We have trained all of them and please realize that they are doing the best that they can and if they aren’t, we will replace them with someone who will!

Adidas - Seawolf Summer Cup - 4v4 Jamboree - Sunday, June 3rd

PRICES: Register early for great discounts!

SPRING SAVER (Before April 1st, 2018): $95

EARLY BIRD (Before April 15th, 2018):

PRE-REGISTRATION (Before May 15th, 2018):

REGULAR REGISTRATION (After May 16th, 2018):

We look forward to an fun weekend and once again, we thank everyone for their support. I would also like to give thanks to Ben Langwith, Brian Bianucci, T.J Perez, Joe Hunter, and Matt Railla as well as the entire soccer team for all of the time that they put in to make this jamboree a success.

Marcus Ziemer
Sonoma Soccer President

Any questions? Information? free Brochure?

Write us at

We hope to see you at the tourney.


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